How to Choose a Home Inspector

Need an experienced home inspector ASAP? Learn how to find the right one, and why a certified AmeriSpec inspector may be the best choice for you.

How to choose a home inspector

If you’re in the final stages of purchasing your dream home, you may need an inspector to perform a detailed home inspection before you can make your final decision to close the sale. 

But for many new home buyers, it’s overwhelming to try to find the right inspector. Who can you trust to perform an accurate inspection? 

Discover how to choose a certified home inspector and why AmeriSpec inspectors are the preferred option for North American home buyers and real estate professionals.  

Ask for Referrals

The best place to start when searching for a home inspector is to ask your trusted friends, family and neighbors. If anyone in your social circle has recently bought a home or property, they may have worked with a reputable inspector.

When you receive a referral it’s important to ask the following questions: 

  1. What was your experience with the inspector like?
  2. What issues did the inspector find?
  3. Was the inspector patient and explain issues in a way that was easy to understand?  
  4. How thorough was the inspector? Did you discover any problems that were missed by the inspector?
  5. How was the inspector's demeanor? Was he or she friendly and communicative?

If your family and friend group don’t have any referrals, try browsing Google reviews. Your neighbors may post glowing reviews about home inspectors like AmeriSpec who provided them with an excellent inspection. 

Your real estate agent may also have some inspector recommendations. If your agent provides a referral it’s important to do your own research about the inspector by reading reviews, checking credentials, training and experience. Learn more about how to research an inspector in the following section.

Research the Inspector’s Credentials, Training and Experience

Once you get a few referrals, you’ll need to review the inspector’s background which will include  years of experience, credentials and training they’ve completed. It’s vital that your inspector has the correct training to perform an extensive home inspection. 

AmeriSpec provides the best inspector training program in the industry. Training consists of classroom instruction, in-field inspections and hands-on technical training in a state-of-the-art facility, led by instructors with over 20 years of experience. Trainees examine a home replica, learning how to identify issues within a home’s interior and exterior. 

You want someone with ample training and experience performing your home inspection. Working with an inexperienced inspector can mean issues are missed which can lead to costly repairs for you in the future. Save money, get your home inspected right the first time with an AmeriSpec inspector.

Request a Sample Inspection Report

Credentials and experience will give you peace of mind that your inspector is knowledgeable, but how can you ensure they will be detailed and thorough? You can often request a sample inspection report from multiple inspectors.  

Inform your potential inspectors of the type of house you will be purchasing. See if they can send you a report for a similar house they’ve inspected in the past. 

Once you’ve received the reports there are two important steps you need to take. First, review the reports and see how much detailed information is included. Second, ask the inspector to walk you through the report. While they are explaining the items, see if they communicate issues in a way that’s easy to understand. Do they encourage you to ask questions? Do you have a good understanding of the report once they finish explaining it? 

Reviewing the sample report and discussing results with the inspector will help you narrow down the list of potential inspectors. The friendly and knowledgeable AmeriSpec inspectors provide a comprehensive 400 point home inspection report to review. Homeowners appreciate how thorough assessments are and how well the inspectors explain issues. 

Why Home Buyers Trust AmeriSpec 

With our extensive training program and more than 30 years of experience inspecting homes, it’s no wonder home buyers choose AmeriSpec inspectors to examine their homes. 

Here are some of the many benefits of choosing an AmeriSpec inspector:

  • Experienced inspectors with extensive training comprised of classroom, in-field and hands-on technical instruction


  • Over 30 years of experience and 1.5 million home inspections
  • Detailed, easy-to-understand 400 point inspection report 
  • Friendly inspectors who provide superior customer service
  • Flexibility to schedule an inspection that fits your schedule

Find an AmeriSpec Expert Near You 

When you need a detailed, friendly and knowledgeable home inspector, you can rely on an AmeriSpec inspector to perform the best inspection in the industry. With more than 150 locations across North America, it’s easy to find an AmeriSpec expert near you. Contact us today to schedule your home inspection or learn more about our services.