Post-Closing Inspection Resource Guide


If you skipped the home inspection, you still have options available. Use this guide to discover resources that will help you gain a better understanding of your property’s condition.

If you chose to skip the home inspection during the home buying process, there are still resources you can take advantage of post-closing to learn if your property is in good shape. Not sure where to start? This guide highlights resources new homeowners have at their disposal and how experts at AmeriSpec can help.

It’s Never Too Late to Get a Home Inspection

Although it’s ideal to get a home inspection before finalizing the purchase of a home, it’s never too late to get one. In fact, many homeowners will get an inspection every 5-10 years to prevent any unseen issues that could be developing.

The important thing to remember is that a home inspection should be detailed and thorough. Trust the certified, detail-oriented AmeriSpec inspectors to perform a comprehensive inspection and provide you with the industry-leading AmeriSpec Report. 

The AmeriSpec Report

AmeriSpec has one of the most detailed and intensive home inspections in the industry. Inspection results and observations are recorded in the AmeriSpec report. This 400-point, comprehensive report inspects the interior, exterior, foundation and structure of your property. After the inspection, your certified AmeriSpec inspector will share and discuss the results with you. Areas inspected include:

  • Roof 
  • Exterior home components
  • Electrical systems
  • Interior and exterior foundation
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Attic, basement and/or crawl space
  • Built-in kitchen appliances, fireplaces and chimneys

If you skipped the home inspection when you bought your home, getting a home inspection from AmeriSpec can still help you develop a maintenance plan. Our certified inspectors will make recommendations on high-priority issues that should be addressed immediately, and others that can be done over time. The more you know about the condition of your home, the better you can prepare your budget and time for upcoming repairs and improvements.

Specialty Inspections

Specialty inspections are a good choice if there are specific areas of concern in your home or unique features that require additional attention. This can include everything from septic tanks and well water testing to pools and spas. In some cases, such as mold or radon, you may want to get a specialty inspection to ensure the safety of you and your family. When you speak to an AmeriSpec inspector, they can advise you on which specialty inspections are appropriate for your home.

Other AmeriSpec Resources

There are many home inspection resources available at We’ve been a trusted partner of countless homeowners, real estate professionals and business owners for nearly 40 years. Read the following articles and web pages for a fast way to learn home inspection best practices and what you can do if you skipped the home inspection. 

Find an AmeriSpec Inspector Near You

While it’s never advised to skip a home inspection, don’t let it stress you out. There’s still time to get your property inspected by the helpful team at AmeriSpec. Contact us today to schedule your home inspection or learn more about our services.