So You Skipped the Home Inspection: What Now?

Discover the inspection services you can get for your home if you opted out of an initial inspection during the home-buying process.

Home Inspector

The home-buying process can be stressful. It can take months to find a home in your ideal neighborhood, go to showings and negotiate with the seller . By the time you get to the final stage, you just want to close the deal and move into your dream home. 

Because of this, you may be tempted to forgo the home inspection. Or your seller may negotiate a lower selling price if you skip the home inspection. A wise real estate agent will advise you NOT to skip the home inspection, here's why. 

Why a Home Inspection is Important

When you make an expensive purchase you want to ensure you’re buying something of value, not a dud. You wouldn't buy a car without inspecting it and going for a test drive. Similarly, a home inspection will bring to light existing or potential red flags. Here are some common issues an inspection can uncover.

Safety Hazards 

A home inspection is a thorough process that checks every part of the home: the interior, exterior, foundation and structure. An inspector may find concealed dangerous living conditions such as mold, asbestos, lead paint and faulty wiring. Without an inspector’s expertise and special equipment, you may not be able to uncover these safety hazards. That’s why it’s important to have professionals, like an AmeriSpec inspector, perform a home inspection.

Structural or Aesthetic Damages 

In addition to uncovering hazards, an inspector can inform you of structural or aesthetic damages. Typical damages include malfunctioning appliances, cracked bathtubs and holes in the roof. Armed with this information, you can negotiate with the sellers to either make the repairs or lower the selling price. Making the seller responsible for repairs, saves you money and time.   

Money Pit Issues

A home can be your most valuable asset. Inspection results can confirm whether you’re making a profitable or detrimental investment. No one wants to invest in a money pit that will constantly drain their financial resources. If the inspection results are less than desirable, you can walk away from the sale. 

Services Available If You Skipped The Home Inspection

If you skipped the initial home inspection, there are other options available. It’s not too late to get a regular, specialty, or emergency inspection. The more you can learn about the current state of your home, the better you can care for it. An extensive home inspection will help you do just that.

General Home Inspection

AmeriSpec’s 400 point home inspection is the most comprehensive in the industry. It includes examining electrical systems, exterior areas, foundation, roof, attic, plumbing and other essential components. It’s recommended you create your own home inspection checklist to compare notes with your inspector. Once complete, your AmeriSpec inspector will review the intensive property inspection report and advise you on areas of concern. Depending on your inspection results, you may need additional specialty inspections too.   

Find An Amerispec Inspector Near You

If you skipped the home inspection during the home-buying process, don’t worry. AmeriSpec offers many inspection services to help you understand the current state of your home. With more than 150 locations across North America, AmeriSpec is a trusted choice for homeowners nationwide. Contact us today to schedule a home inspection or learn more about our inspection services.