Reviews - Rancho Cucamonga

Be confident in your decision to choose AmeriSpec. Discover what current and past customers say about our inspection services.

Lusine Khachatryan
We had our inspector from another company that we used to work with for many years. But this time it was out of their service range so they recommended to Steve who was very fast, professional, responsive and did such a good job pointing out the important things.
Nicole Kohan
Steve and Sherrie were great! They were very friendly, honest and hardworking people. They gave me a very detailed report of the property with photos and great descriptions within 1 day. I highly recommend them and their services.
Ben Shamuilian
Tried several different companies and they were the best!
Brian Hardiman
Thanks for a great job for one of my buyers Chino
Corey Perdue
A bit on the more expensive side, but very thorough inspection. Was done quickly, and we had a copy of the inspection next day.