Reviews - Simi Valley

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Joe Nernberg and Aaron were both perfect. AmeriSpec is the way to go; you can't go wrong with them. This is our 3rd home inspector that we have used and by far the best. They did an extremely thorough job, patiently explained things verbally, gave us a great written report (with, like, 86 pics) and even gave us a HomeBinder app. Homebinder gives you the ability to get cost estimates on all issues identified in your inspection report within 24 hours, to help you and your agent negotiate the price of your home and it's a digital home management app that helps homeowners during the home buying process and while you are living in the home. It includes: -Custom Maintenance Reminders -Your Home Inspection Report -150-Page New Homeowner Guide -Recommended Home Pros In Your Area In addition, we also have a number of tools that can help with: -Deal Negotiation -Move-In Support -Home Permit Info -Appliance Recall Alerts -Ongoing Home Management I met with Aaron after the report and he walked me around the whole house pointing out its plusses and minuses. He answered all my questions and was not belittling in any way; on the contrary, he was very courteous and professional and explained things calmly and clearly. After the inspection, I called Joe a number of times and I always felt badly that I was bothering him. He was always very gracious and gave me excellent advice. They showed up on time, I had the completed and thorough written report that night and they followed up with me. Oh yeah...the house had recently fallen out of escrow, so we had an inspection report that was about 4 weeks old. That OTHER company (I won't name them) left out some key findings, such as, but not limited to, a faulty furnace that has been recalled and could be a fire-hazard! But AmeriSpec found it and recommended that we get an estimate to have it replaced because it is a safety issue. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH AMERISPEC.