Meet Our Team - Polk City

Neal  Peter
Neal Peter
"With a passion for all thing construction, we offer property inspections and testing services in Central and Western Iowa. Our mission is to guide and teach residential (and commercial) property buyers, sellers, managers, and real estate professionals to make sound property investment decisions."
Doug  Doss
Doug Doss
Inspector (8 years)
“With a family construction company, I have been involved with what goes into building and properly maintaining homes for most of my life. I have also worked for a demolition contractor, learning even more about the structural components of buildings. All of this sparked my interest for inspecting."
Steven  Oertwig
Steven Oertwig
Inspector (4 years)
“Being an inspector is a feel-good job for me. The people I get to work with are great and being able to help them with their homes is very rewarding. I am passionate about working as an inspector, I feel like there is always room for me to grow and find new things to learn.”
Keith  Brinks
Keith Brinks
Inspector (11 years)
"My job is important to me because I get to help clients through the process of an inspection and understanding how things should be. I enjoy having a different work environment every day while doing the job I love. My wife and I enjoy hunting, fishing and outdoor activities with my family."
Jorge  Islas
Jorge Islas
Inspector (1 year)
"My job is important to me because I get to help people with the most important purchase they will make. After watching my parents get stuck with a mess of a house (they opted not to inspect) I decided to become an inspector and do my best to ensure others do not have to experience that."