Meet Our Team - Harmony

Barbara  Onega
Barbara Onega
Owner/Office Manager
Rich's wife, Barbara, is an expert on the inspection business. She understands the needs of the clients, realtors and loan professionals. When you schedule with Barb, you can be sure that you will receive all the information you need. With five sons and a foster daughter, she gets it done.
Richie  Onega
Richie Onega
Rich and Barb's oldest son, Richie, has more than 20 years experience in commercial and residential construction in the NY and PA markets. His knowledge of the trades is a valuable asset to your inspection. You won't just find out the condition of the building, you'll learn how to take care of it.
Brandy  Onega
Brandy Onega
Inspector/Office Manager
Richie's wife, Brandy, has a real estate paralegal background and over 15 years of experience in commercial and residential construction in the NY and PA markets. You may talk with her on the phone or you may see her doing your inspection. Either way, she will take good care of you.
Brian  Kensinger
Brian Kensinger
Brian's background in various fields of engineering plus his attention to detail will ensure that you get the detailed report you need. Brian tries to approach each inspection as if it was a home he was purchasing and he will make sure to point out any potential problems.
Rich  Onega
Rich Onega
With many years of experience in farming, carpentry and engineering, Rich began to see striking similarities between his former position in quality assurance and home inspection. It was a perfect fit. When you are deciding whether this purchase will be the one, you are in good hands with Rich.
Mara  Kensinger
Mara Kensinger
Office Manager
With a background in real estate, mortgages, and customer service, Mara will answer any questions you may have and schedule an inspection that fits your needs.