Reviews - Rapid City

Be confident in your decision to choose AmeriSpec. Discover what current and past customers say about our inspection services.

Brent Kleppen
Mike was incredible to work with. He took his time and did a thorough job. We were present for the inspection and he welcomed our questions and patiently and professionally answered all that we had. He made thoughtful recommendations and we really felt that he was working in our best interest and not just going through the motions. He even brought activities to keep our kids busy. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Shawn John
Professional, organized, knowledgeable and friendly. Able to answer all my questions. I found it to be very informative and fun while following him around. The report was well written and delivered on time.
Misti Speidel
Very knowledgeable, great with the clients, very easy to understand reports, and accommodates clients and their schedules. I would add more stars if there was the option.
Josiah Bell