Reviews - Waukesha

Be confident in your decision to choose AmeriSpec. Discover what current and past customers say about our inspection services.

Hannah Brewer
Scott has been one of the best resources I have encountered for my home-buying experience. I am a first-time home buyer, and to say that the inspection process is stressful would be an understatement. Scott was SO helpful with providing info and explanations throughout the home inspection, and even gave more info on a follow up call post-inspection! He really knows his stuff and made the entire process SO much Better!! I would recommend his services to anyone! (and yes- GO to the inspection with him, it is 100% worth the time to have someone talk you through it all)
Laura Pequet
Scott Raymond is one of the best home inspectors in the business. He is extremely knowledgeable, and was very thorough with our home inspection. He really went the extra mile and found things other inspectors would have easily missed. Scott is very friendly and made us very comfortable. He even took his time to explain any questions we had in great detail. If you are looking for an accurate, thorough inspection then Scott is your guy.
Scott was extremely thorough in the home inspection he did for me. I couldn't have been more satisfied with the work he did and fully intend on using him for any future inspections. Highly recommended.
Chris C
My wife and I made an offer on a home that after some back and forth with the seller, only gave us 7 days for an inspection to be completed and respond to seller with "fixes". After telling Scott the situation, he was able to fit us into his schedule for the inspection and provide us the written report so quickly, it allowed us a couple of days to review the report and provide a list to the seller by the deadline. His report was incredibly thorough and he was readily available with questions we had. We cannot thank Scott enough for going above and beyond to help us. We highly recommend him!