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Pre-Listing Inspection Services

Help Make Your Listing Easier to Sell

Because a home purchase is often the largest investment most people make, you can help prospective buyers gain peace of mind with a professional inspection by AmeriSpec. Complete home inspections also help sellers and buyers plan for repairs or alterations that could affect the sales price. An inspection by AmeriSpec will add confidence and peace of mind—on both sides of the deal—while reducing potential pre- and post-closing issues.

Back Up Your Listing with Real Evidence

The AmeriSpec Report is comprehensive, easy to read and covers more than 400 points examined by your AmeriSpec professional home inspector. It also contains a Seasonal Maintenance Checklist and a DIY Home Repair Manual. There’s no better way to confirm that your listing really is a dream home!

How Do I Choose the Right Home Inspector?

Choosing the right inspector is a critical first step. You’re right to look into the decision thoroughly and do your homework. When you’re selecting a qualified, local home inspection service to conduct a thorough inspection of your home, ask the following questions:

What will be inspected?

A complete inspection from AmeriSpec covers more than 400 items in various categories around the home.

What will your inspection report include?

The AmeriSpec Report features a comprehensive, 400+ point visual and operational evaluation of the home, a 192-page Home Repair Manual, a helpful Seasonal Maintenance Checklist, and savings on a variety of home-related services from our ServiceMaster® family of brands.

Do you follow industry standards?

28 states require formal licensing for home inspectors. In those that don't, reputable companies adhere to state-specific guidelines or rigid standards of practice, as set forth by the industry and various associations.

How much will the home inspection cost?

Fees may vary based on region, location, the home’s size and age, additional services provided or requested and other factors. Please be sure to ask which factors will affect the price of your professional home inspection.

How long will the inspection take?

The process usually takes two to three hours, depending on the home’s size, age, condition and additional services provided.

May I attend the inspection?

You have the right to be there, and reputable home inspection companies will encourage your presence. Attending the inspection will help you better understand report findings and will reduce post-closing issues.

Do you provide an inspection agreement and clearly define its scope?

Prior to the inspection, AmeriSpec will provide you with a complete, thorough inspection agreement, which clearly defines the scope of the inspection in detail.

Do you carry insurance?

All AmeriSpec franchise owners are required to carry Errors and Omissions insurance and General Liability insurance.

Do you offer other home inspection services?

AmeriSpec is an all-inclusive home inspection service company. In addition to general inspections, we provide testing for radon, septic, water quality, carbon monoxide, pools, spas, pest inspections and many other services. Check with your local office for details, as local service offerings may vary.

Will you share a sample report?

Qualified, confident inspection companies like AmeriSpec will never hesitate to provide a sample report that proves their compliance with industry standards. Samples are often found on an inspector’s website.

When will the report be ready?

Most AmeriSpec offices prepare reports within 48 hours of the inspection, and some even print the report onsite.

Is yours a full-time inspection company?

AmeriSpec offices operate on a full-time schedule and are able to schedule inspections five, six and sometimes even seven days a week. Your convenience is always a priority, so feel free to inquire.

Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee?

If you’re less than completely satisfied with your AmeriSpec inspection, please contact your local AmeriSpec office. Our AmeriSpec offices work very hard to ensure your total satisfaction.

The AmeriSpec Commitment to Excellence is Our Promise to You. <br>

We Promise To: <br>

  • Use only professional inspectors who meet the standards of the AmeriSpec Academy and who have received extensive technical training
  • Accurately report the serviceability of the house as it applies to the structure, roof, heating and air conditioning, built-in appliances, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Provide a comprehensive and detailed AmeriSpec Report to every client
  • Never offer an opinion as to the advisability of the purchase of the property
  • Serve any and all clients in the same professional manner, whether they are buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, lenders, appraisers, title companies, attorneys or warranty companies <br>

The AmeriSpec Personal Commitment to Service <br>

If we fail to perform our professional services in a manner consistent with this commitment, please let us know. We work very hard to ensure your satisfaction and earn your business.

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