What to Expect During a New Home Construction Inspection

Learn all the ins and outs of new home inspections.  

It’s been a long journey. You found the perfect property or home in a peaceful neighborhood. From foundation to front yard, everything is ready. 

You’re almost there. There’s one last step before you can turn your investment into a home. Your home might have met all local legal codes, but AmeriSpec new construction inspectors go the extra mile to identify any potential issues you should be aware of.

New Home Construction Confidence

All new homes aren’t built to code. Even further, all new homes aren’t perfect. The truth is that contractors are people too. They can make mistakes for any number of reasons. Not only that, but contractors frequently hire subcontractors to aid in new home construction. Rarely do homeowners have oversight into the qualifications and experience these subcontractors possess. 

There’s no reason to worry. When you hire an AmeriSpec home inspector, our priority will be supplying you with confidence, reliability and knowledge. If you do decide to build your house from the ground up, many of our inspectors offer construction process inspection services. Check with your local inspector for specific offerings. 

Following any desired or applicable construction inspection, we wrap the process up with one of our industry-leading home inspections. This includes evaluating major structural elements, key system functionality and fundamental safety features. 

If we do find issues that require your attention, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss them with us and remedy them before your move-in date.

New Construction Common Concerns 

Just because your home is new doesn’t mean it’s flawless. In fact, any number of issues can be present in even the most competently constructed properties. 

AmeriSpec inspectors have identified a short list of common problems they’ve collected from their field experience: 

  • Issues with electrical systems, including outlets and wiring
  • Poorly supported foundation 
  • Incomplete or insufficient insulation
  • Non-operational HVAC system
  • Incorrect plumbing installation 

During the AmeriSpec new construction home inspection process, your inspector will check for all these problems and more. And, based on your preferences, we can conduct additional specialty inspections.

Detailed Inspections, Exceptional Professionalism

AmeriSpec performs home inspections according to the principles of professionalism, courtesy and safety. Now more than ever, it’s vital to adhere to state and local safety guidelines. 

From doors and windows to outlets and tubs, AmeriSpec inspectors check the essential components of your home with care. Following your new home construction inspection, you’ll receive a concise AmeriSpec Report outlining what we found and how we found it. 

It’s time to rest easy with an AmeriSpec new home construction inspection. We’re here to help your dream home finally become a reality.