Preparing Your Pool and Spa for Summer

Summer is around the corner. Is your pool or spa ready? These tips will prep your pool and spa for summertime fun.

Kids jumping in a pool

Summer is the perfect time to jump in the pool, sunbathe on the deck, or relax in your spa. But are your pool and home spa ready for summer fun? Learn how to prepare them for summer and keep them in good condition year round.  

Three Preparation Tips

Swimming pool maintenance can feel like a daunting task. Some individuals may pass on buying a home with a pool because they don’t want the upkeep. However, those brave enough to take the plunge quickly realize how simple maintenance can be. These three tips will help you minimize maintenance time.

Check Water Quality

You can purchase pool water test kits to regulate PH, chlorine, alkaline and acidity levels. Without the correct water and chemical balance you risk bacteria growth in the water or calcium buildup on your pool walls. During the summer, be sure to check water quality at least once a week. 

Clean Filters and Baskets

Pool baskets are responsible for keeping out leaves, insects and dirt. Inspect and empty your baskets weekly. Pool filters are cartridge units responsible for the bulk of your pool filtration. Clean your filters every 3-6 months to keep your pool sanitary. 

Schedule Professional Cleaning and Inspection

Although it’s possible to clean and maintain your pool on your own, it's always a good idea to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. This ensures your home spa and pool are hygienic and safe to use. 

In addition to regular cleanings, you’ll need a pool and spa inspection. A certified pool inspector like the ones at Amerispec, will check water levels, equipment and more.

Why Pool and Spa Inspections Are Important


Inspections ensure your pool and spa are in a healthy state so when you want to dip (or jump) in, you can do so worry-free. Here are a few more reasons why pool and spa inspections are so important.  

Keep Your Pool and Spa Sanitary 

Although you may regularly maintain your water quality, a certified inspector can do a more in-depth test. An inspection will include checking saltwater sanitation systems and chlorine levels. Inspectors also check that your filters and pumps are consistently sanitizing your pool. 

Keep your Pool and Spa Safe to Use 

Pool safety is so much more than keeping young ones away from the deep end. When you own a pool, you must adhere to state and federal guidelines. Fortunately, your inspector can confirm if your pool is compliant with required safety measures. During the inspection, they can also confirm if electrical components, pool steps and ladders are safe to use. 

Save Money Long-Term 

Your AmeriSpec pool inspector may discover issues that could lead to expensive repairs if left untreated. Cracked pool shells, damaged decks and incorrectly bonded metal parts are common pool issues that may seem insignificant, but are actually dangerous and costly to repair.

What Happens During an Inspection

Depending on your location and type of pool or spa, there are different inspections available. Pool owners living in colder climates may need a specific inspection for their winterized pools. Residents in warmer climates who use their pool year round, need more detailed inspections. When requesting an inspection, you can work with your inspector to determine the type that’s right for you. 

Winterized Spa and Pool Inspection 

When a pool or spa is winterized, it means it’s closed for the winter months. Pool, spa water and accessories are removed. All equipment is turned off. Winterized pool inspection focuses more on equipment functionality to ensure compliance and good working condition.

Non-winterized Pool and Spa Inspection 

A non-winterized inspection is more in-depth. It includes reviewing equipment, pool lighting and the surrounding deck. These robust inspections ensure your pool and spa adhere to safety guidelines. 

Additional pool / spa components that are examined:

  • Filters
  • Heaters 
  • Venting
  • Pressure

Schedule a Pool or Spa Inspection

Scheduling your pool or spa inspection early means you can maximize your summertime enjoyment. With more than 150 AmeriSpec locations across North America, it’s quick and easy to have a professional inspector visit your home. Contact us today to schedule a pool or spa inspection or learn more about our services.