How Much Peace of Mind is Enough? AmeriSpec offers Home Inspections to give you peace of mind when buying a home!

Buying a home is a huge investment, and you can never know too much about the property you intend to purchase. That’s where an AmeriSpec® home inspection can help!

Tips and Advice for Home Buyers

Whether you're shopping for a previously-owned home or new construction, it’s important to know the home's true condition before making an offer. AmeriSpec inspectors examine more than 400 items both in and outside a home. Our detailed inspection findings are then presented in the AmeriSpec Report.

Please keep in mind that the goal of a home inspection is not just to inspect the property, but also to educate the potential buyer about the property’s condition. This is better achieved if you are present at the time of the inspection.

During the course of the inspection, the inspector will explain the condition of the property. You will also be provided with the AmeriSpec Report to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

With an AmeriSpec home inspection, you’ll understand why AmeriSpec helps offer peace of mind to particular home buyers.

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