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Before you consider a remodeling or renovation project, you may want to consider what you may be getting yourself into. It's easy to get excited and motivated after watching the various DIY shows on television since they have a knack for making things appear easier and faster than they really are - it's called editing.

It may appear straightforward, but even the smallest bathroom remodel may involve working with deteriorated or antiquated plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation systems. Without specialized knowledge of and experience with these systems, you could easily damage your home, injure yourself (or someone else), and wind up with costly repairs. Even professional renovation contractors with years of experience often are not able to master all of the various skills involved in every home project.

For electrical and plumbing work, AmeriSpec® recommends hiring professionals that are familiar with these systems and can adhere to local code requirements. A licensed plumber or electrician is able to see the bigger picture, so their experience is certainly worth the cost of avoiding the otherwise inevitable headache of mismanaging your project.

Before undertaking any renovation project, you should thoroughly educate yourself (resources such as websites, books, magazines, classes and seminars can help). Knowing exactly what's involved ahead of time will help you determine if it's a project you feel comfortable tackling yourself -- or if you should hire a professional (you can always assist in the demolition and clean-up to help offset the costs).

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