How to avoid inspection conflict of interest as a homebuyer and real estate agent


Buying a home is a major decision that requires careful consideration and due diligence. One of the essential steps in the homebuying process is getting a home inspection. A home inspection is an objective and comprehensive assessment of the condition and quality of a property by a qualified professional. A home inspector will examine the property’s structure, systems and components and provide a detailed report with the findings and recommendations.

The Home Inspection Dilemma

Homebuyers usually rely on their real estate agents to recommend a list of ‘preferred’ home inspectors who have proven their expertise and reliability in the field. Homebuyers also have the option to choose their own home inspector.

The home inspector is hired and paid for by the homebuyer. They have a duty to provide an honest and unbiased opinion about the condition of the homes they inspect. This includes identifying any issues or defects that may affect the value, functionality or overall safety of the property and its systems.

But sometimes a home inspection may reveal property defects that could jeopardize or complicate the real estate transaction. This may create a conflict of interest between the home inspector and the real estate agent.

The real estate agent may be tempted to avoid referring future clients to a home inspector who disclosed property defects that caused them to lose a deal or negotiate a lower price.

On the other hand, the home inspector may feel pressured to overlook or minimize property defects to please the real estate agent and get more referrals.


The Solution

AmeriSpec solves this dilemma by educating real estate agents about the benefits of unbiased home inspections. AmeriSpec’s dedicated and industry recognized home inspectors are committed to providing high quality service and value to their clients.

Our home inspectors adhere to strict standards of practice and a code of ethics that ensure their integrity and professionalism. In addition, AmeriSpec works with real estate agents who value their ethical duty to their clients. That means only referring clients to the best home inspectors in their local market.

By building trust and collaboration, AmeriSpec’s home inspectors and agents can ensure a steady stream of business while maintaining their professional reputation.

To ensure full transparency, here are ‘5 Trusted Home Inspection Best Practices’ for ensuring an unbiased real estate transaction:


Trusted Best Practice #1: Be Thorough

A thorough inspection is essential to identifying any potential issues with the property. AmeriSpec’s trained experts provide 400+ point inspections that examine every aspect of a home from roof to foundation.

Getting a good home inspection ensures that the real estate agent provides top service to their clients by helping them negotiate a fair price, avoid legal disputes, and plan for future repairs or improvements.


Trusted Best Practice #2: Be Objective

An AmeriSpec home inspector will provide an unbiased opinion on the state of the home. This will avoid any conflicts of interest or activities that compromise professional independence, objectivity and inspection integrity.

An objective home inspector will not favor any party involved in the transaction over the other. Instead, they will report the facts as they are.


Trusted Best Practice #3: Be Honest

Honesty is key when it comes to home inspections. If an AmeriSpec pro identifies any issues with the property, they will disclose them to both the homebuyer client and the agent clearly and accurately. This helps build trust and confidence between the real estate agent and their clients, and in the real estate transaction.

An honest home inspector will not hide any property defects. They simply inform the parties involved of the nature, extent and implications of the issues found.


Trusted Best Practice #4: Be Professional

Professionalism is essential when dealing with clients and real estate agents. AmeriSpec home inspectors communicate effectively and provide timely updates throughout the inspection process.

In addition, our experts respect the privacy and confidentiality of their clients and agents. They follow the code of ethics and standards of practice of their profession.

The real estate agent and client both benefit from a professional inspection that ensures a smooth, fair and successful transaction that meets everyone’s needs and leads to future business for the agent.


Trusted Best Practice #5: Be Knowledgeable

AmeriSpec inspectors keep everyone updated on the latest trends and technologies in the home inspection industry. Our home inspectors are trained in our state-of-the-art facility by instructors that have decades of experience.

They also attend regular continuing education courses to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. A knowledgeable home inspector is the first line of defense for real estate agents who are focused on communicating effectively and transparently about the property’s strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, they can provide valuable insights and suggestions for improving the property’s value, functionality and sustainability.

The Bottom Line

By following these important trusted best practices, any potential conflict of interest can be avoided. Hiring a professional AmeriSpec home inspector can help Realtors protect their reputation and credibility as a trusted and ethical agent.

Ultimately, AmeriSpec’s certified home inspectors ensure that they provide quality service and repeat business and referrals.


AmeriSpec: The Trusted and #1 Best Name in Home Inspections

AmeriSpec is the trusted name in home inspections. We’ve also been named the #1 best home inspection company from coast-to-coast by Forbes Advisor and

Plus, Investopedia named AmeriSpec the Best Value in the home inspection industry.

The reasons are clear:


AmeriSpec’s certified home inspectors receive the best training in the industry that combines classroom instruction, in-field inspections, and hands-on technical courses.

Our inspectors are trained to perform a professional inspection that meets and often exceeds the highest standards.


Our pros perform over 100,000 residential and commercial inspections every year.  We also provide a wide range of specialty inspection services.

Rest assured that AmeriSpec’s home inspectors understand the real estate transaction, the local market and will perform inspections when you need them.


We’re committed to top communication from the first phone conversation.

After the inspection, our dedicated local home inspectors offer the easy-to-read, computer generated AmeriSpec Report. This comprehensive evaluation of a property’s condition can be saved to look back on in the future.

Clients and real estate agents can also direct any questions to our AmeriSpec professionals who always make themselves available. No question is too big or small.

AmeriSpec's home inspectors have earned their reputation as the trusted partner in real estate transactions from coast-to-coast.

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