Home Buyers, Sellers and Inspection FAQs

Whether you’re considering buying or selling a home, AmeriSpec home inspections address all your concerns to give you complete peace of mind.

A home is a huge investment, and many would say it’s impossible to know too much about a property’s condition. Understanding the condition of the home allows you to make informed decisions and protect your most valuable asset.

When it comes to inspections for home buyers and home sellers, you can count on the certified inspectors from AmeriSpec to get you the information you need. Our inspections leave nothing to chance, thoroughly covering more than 400 elements of the home to provide a comprehensive picture of the condition. Inspectors will happily review findings with you in-person and provide the AmeriSpec Report, which offers detailed notes and helpful photos for your reference.

No matter what stage of the journey you’re in, we have highly trained professionals in your area ready to help. As you consider your home inspection needs, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the process.

Home Buyers

Before deciding if this is the home of your dreams, understanding the condition of the property is essential to ensuring it’s not a nightmare. These are the answers to some of the most common inspection questions from home buyers.

Common Inspection Questions for Home Buyers

  • The answer here is easy: absolutely. Home inspections reveal the true condition of the home, not just what you can see on the surface. Knowing these details can save you thousands of dollars in repairs, identify safety hazards and provide additional negotiation leverage. While you might hear about buyers waiving the home inspection in a hot real estate market, it’s never recommended.

  • It’s not required to be present during the inspection, but it does offer many advantages. For one, it provides you with first-hand knowledge of any issues the inspector identifies around the property. Additionally, you can ask specific questions throughout the process to make sure your concerns are addressed. Attending the inspection gives you the most value and provides peace of mind that everything you want to know has been covered.

  • Having your realtor join the inspection is very common. They work for you, and the better they can understand issues with the house, the easier it is for them to do their job. AmeriSpec is a trusted partner of countless real estate professionals and will make sure their questions are answered.

  • There are a number of factors that determine how long a home inspection will take including size, age and condition of the home. In most cases the process can be completed in two to three hours.

  • The most important thing you can do to prepare for a home inspection as a buyer is make a list of questions you want answered. Also, take note of anything that seemed unusual during the showing or details you don’t understand. Your inspector will walk through each item with you, and can often provide helpful maintenance tips you can use once you own the home. To make sure you’re fully prepared, check out our Home Inspection Handbook.

  • Home inspections from AmeriSpec are known for being some of the most thorough in the industry. Our certified inspectors examine more than 400 elements of the home, including:

    • Electrical systems
    • Interior and exterior foundations
    • Heating and air conditioning systems
    • Plumbing systems
    • Roof
    • Attics, basements and crawl spaces

    Any findings will be presented in the detailed AmeriSpec Report, along with important details like the location of shut-off valves and HVAC filter sizes.

  • The purpose of a home inspection is to give you a comprehensive picture of the property’s overall condition. Inspectors don’t determine if you should or shouldn’t buy a home, but they can provide helpful information about the severity of any issues or risks. This knowledge allows you to make an informed decision about your purchase so you can negotiate with the sellers and plan for the future.

  • Technically, no. Home inspections aren’t pass/fail, they’re purely informational. However, they can help alert you to major issues and inform your purchasing decisions.

  • Yes. Our inspectors are trained to handle a wide variety of specialty inspections and ancillary services ranging from radon testing to sewer scope. Whether they’re required by your mortgage lender or you just want to know more about specific elements of a home, AmeriSpec can help. Ancillary service offerings vary by location.

  • There are numerous reasons to work with AmeriSpec over the competition. Our network of certified inspectors has conducted more than 2 million inspections and performs over 80,000 inspections each year. We offer flexible scheduling options and have the expertise to handle a wide variety of property types and specialty inspections. With more than 150 locations across North America, there’s an inspector near you ready to help.

  • Our inspectors are among the most highly trained in the industry. Every inspector receives classroom instruction as well as hands-on technical training in our dedicated training facility. We use a complete educational training system developed by Carson Dunlop & Associates, one of the most respected names in professional home inspection training.

    In addition, AmeriSpec takes continuing education seriously. Technical training classes are held throughout the year to educate our franchise owners about new inspection services and changes to our industry.

Home Sellers

Selling your home can be a nerve-racking experience. You might be wondering what will be uncovered and how it will affect the deal. Here are answers to some of the most common questions home sellers have about the inspection process.

Common Inspection Questions for Home Sellers

  • In the majority of cases the cost of a home inspection is covered by the buyer. Inspections are generally considered a benefit to the buyer, so they have the responsibility to choose who they work with and pay for the related expenses.

  • It’s your home that’s being inspected, so you can certainly be present for the inspection if you’d like. However, it’s rare that a seller attends the inspection. You can avoid awkward situations by allowing the buyer, their agent and the inspector to complete the inspection process without interference. 

  • The inspector is legally obligated to only share inspection findings with the buyer and their agent. When the buyer schedules and pays for the report, it’s their property and they are under no commitment to share that information with the seller.

  • A popular option for home sellers is AmeriSpec’s pre-listing inspection services. By having your home thoroughly inspected prior to hitting the market you can provide buyers with peace of mind, remove potential barriers to closing and even gain additional leverage for a better asking price.

  • Resolving issues identified in the inspection is negotiated between the buyer and their agent. The buyer will work with their realtor to negotiate based on any issues found in the report.

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