Whether your clients are looking to buy or sell a home, a professional inspection from a trusted partner can often lead to smoother negotiations and a faster sale.

The home buyers and home sellers you support trust you for your real estate expertise and market knowledge. Turn to AmeriSpec for property inspection needs and to help deliver your clients peace of mind.

Benefits of Partnering with AmeriSpec

A quality real estate inspection done by a professional home inspector benefits everyone involved in a transaction. Buyers learn about the property up front and can proceed with greater confidence and peace of mind. Sellers who’ve opted for a pre-listing inspection may sell their homes more quickly and with fewer surprises. And real estate professionals enjoy more efficient transactions with less likelihood of unpleasant and potentially costly post-closing problems.

Knowledgeable, Experienced Inspectors

When an AmeriSpec inspector visits a property, your clients can join at the end to answer any questions, walk your client through important findings of the home, show how certain systems work and provide insight into the local area. Whether buying or selling a home, your clients want peace of mind knowing what may lay ahead. 

Reliable Office Support

From scheduling to confirmation, AmeriSpec connects with you or your clients one-on-one for personalized service and support.

Detailed Reporting

After an evaluation of 400+ points in your home, we deliver a detailed, yet easy-to-understand explanation of every aspect of our findings with the AmeriSpec Report usually within 24 hours of inspection. 

What You Can Expect from an AmeriSpec Inspector

With more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of locations throughout the U.S., you’ll find a trained, certified AmeriSpec inspector near you. And you get the advantage of local expertise backed by a national network. 

Trained & Certified Inspectors

Though AmeriSpec franchises are owned locally, each inspector is trained in both the classroom and hands-on at our state-of-the-art technical training facility. Plus, every inspector also maintains licenses and certifications according to state requirements. 

AmeriSpec also offers continuing education courses throughout the year for inspectors to brush up on past training, learn the latest techniques and gain new skills.

Reduced Liability

AmeriSpec’s franchise network of home inspectors carry extensive errors and omissions (E&O) insurance and general liability insurance. They may also offer agent indemnification coverage to help protect real estate professionals in the event a claim is brought against them solely for recommending AmeriSpec. To qualify for coverage, real estate agents must have a written agreement with their local AmeriSpec franchise along with their own E&O insurance policy.

Professional Interactions & Credibility

When you recommend AmeriSpec, you signal to your clients that you are working in the best interests of both the buyer and seller. A third-party, professional home inspection means your clients get a real view into their purchase or selling decisions. And when your clients feel educated, often negotiations are limited and sales happen faster. Which makes them happier clients for you, too.

How to Connect with AmeriSpec

For additional questions and insight into how AmeriSpec can become your preferred property inspection partner, contact the AmeriSpec inspector near you.

AmeriSpec services are provided by independently owned and operated franchises. Availability of services may vary depending on location.

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