Put yourself and your seller in control. With an AmeriSpec pre-listing inspection, help boost your listing’s marketability and sidestep contract fallouts. 

Cultivate confidence in your client’s listing condition with help from a quality pre-listing real estate inspection. And when you have a recommended inspector to share with your seller, you can save time and lean on a trusted partnership with AmeriSpec. 

No matter your location, you’ll find an AmeriSpec expert near you. With more than 400 licensed professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada, we’re available coast-to-coast for your pre-listing inspection needs to help sell homes fast.

4 Pre-Listing Property Inspection Benefits

  1. It’s important to remember that pre-listing inspections don’t only surface potential issues or challenges, they also answer questions about the quality and soundness of the property. If the inspector shares good news (furnace runs well or the roof is in great shape, for example), highlight it in the listing materials. 
  2. By opting for a pre-listing inspection, you and your sellers can be the experts on the property and know how to properly price and market the home. 
  3. With a pre-listing home inspection, you gain important insights into the property’s condition. If repairs are necessary or other issues need to be addressed, you help your sellers gain time to handle repairs on their time and budget. And once you’re ready to list the property, potential buyers have valuable knowledge before they negotiate an offer. 
  4. The information gleaned from a pre-listing inspection gives you and your seller peace of mind and a plan of action if needed.

Connect with a Pre-Listing Inspection Expert

If you have questions about how AmeriSpec can become your pre-listing property inspection solution, find your local inspector. And learn more about our corporate account solutions, too.

The AmeriSpec Pre-Listing Inspection may not be available everywhere. Please contact your local AmeriSpec office for more details. AmeriSpec services are provided by independently owned and operated franchises. Availability of services may vary depending on location.