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Sewer Scope Video Inspections

How Does a Sewer Scope Inspection Work?

A sewer scope is a video inspection of a home’s lateral sewer line, the privately owned pipeline that leads from the house—at or near the foundation—and connects to a publicly owned city (or HOA) tap, or septic tank.

A sewer scope can reveal blockages, damage to the pipe system and other problems—essential knowledge for potential homeowners and home buyers. Inspectors performing a sewer scope inspection follow a careful process. Normally, the inspector will run water from all taps or faucets to flush out the lines. This helps lessen the likelihood that sewer-scope camera equipment will catch on debris inside the sewer line. The water also keeps the camera afloat, which allows it to proceed through the line more easily.

Identifying the Problem

A damp depression in the lawn above the sewer line, backflow into your home, or contaminants in a water test are indicators that a sewer scope inspection may be needed to confirm the sources of any problems. Contact AmeriSpec to learn more.

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