Every essential detail about wood-destroying organism inspections.

Termites and other wood-destroying insects are more than just nuisances. Beyond being annoyances, without attention, these pests can become significant problems, able to inflict enough property damage to worry any homeowner. Termites, one of the most common wood-destroying organisms (WDO), often sneak into homes without warning. In fact, spotting the evidence of termites can take an experienced professional’s expert eye. Our local termite inspectors can help provide peace of mind for your investment and your home.

According to PCT Magazine, some researchers estimate the total cost of termite damage in the U.S. to cost millions, if not billions, of dollars. A termite inspection can be a smart, simple way to safeguard your property’s long-term health. Legally, depending on your state’s unique laws, a termite inspection might actually be required before completing a real estate transaction.

Termite inspections don’t have to be difficult. At AmeriSpec, we realize the excitement that comes along with buying a new home, and we know that, sometimes, it can feel like there are a lot of moving parts before move-in day finally arrives. That’s why our termite inspectors commit themselves to honesty and professionalism, conducting termite inspections that assess wood in your home for the presence of wood-destroying insects and check for conditions conducive to future infestations. When it comes time for a termite inspection, keep reading to find out how long it’ll take, what you might expect to pay and how our termite inspectors perform industry-leading inspections.

AmeriSpec Expert Termite Inspections

When it comes time to buy or sell a property, asking your local home inspector if they conduct termite inspections can be a smart move. If they do, a termite inspection can easily be included during the home inspection, making for a streamlined and straightforward inspection process.

Whether termites snuck into your home through antique wood furniture or your grandmother’s prized piano, termite inspectors can help determine their presence and location. Our termite inspection process is clear and thorough. Once you discuss a termite inspection with your local AmeriSpec expert, they’ll schedule a time and date with you for the inspection.

Because our inspectors will need access to your home, you can rest assured that we’ll respect all local and federal health and safety regulations. We value your privacy and will inform you where we’ll inspect before doing so.

For the most part, during a termite inspection, we’ll access key areas including your attic, under your sinks, in your garage and inside your crawl space. Termite inspectors also generally check the perimeter of the home where your siding meets soil or mulch. Some wood-destroying insects thrive in moist conditions and can form nests in these areas. If you have a deck, porch or balcony, your local termite inspector might also investigate these parts of your home.

After any WDO inspection, you’ll receive an NPMA-33 form. The inspection and form are not part of a structural damage report, but the form does provide recommendations regarding whether or not further treatment by a licensed pest control professional may be necessary.

Termite Inspection Cost

Termite inspection cost depends on a few things. A bigger home takes longer to inspect. Different climate zones can affect the chances that termites have made their way into your home. And, when a termite inspection is conducted as a real estate transaction requirement, fees could vary if formal reports need to be submitted.

It’s important to view termite inspections as a precautionary measure for the long-term preservation of your property. Signs of termite infestations are tough to spot. By the time the damage becomes obvious and you call a professional inspector, extensive repair and termination costs could be unavoidable.

AmeriSpec termite inspectors know where to look for WDO, the type of damage they cause and the various species that could invade your home. If you’re looking to learn more about individual species, read our article exploring everything from carpenter ants to powderpost beetles.

According to a study published by the USDA, termites live in almost all 50 states and, overall, they cause damage of up to $7 billion annually. The price of a professional termite inspection can save on the cost of repairs to damaged buildings and prevent significant loss in property value.

How to Prepare for a Termite Inspection

As mentioned earlier, termite inspectors need access to some important home areas. Doing some rearranging before your scheduled inspection date can save you time and help things go smoothly. If you store cleaning supplies or anything else under your sinks, consider moving these items to another area. Garages can, even for the most organized people, get a little cluttered. Before inspection day, try moving anything against your garage walls to about two feet away from those walls.

Not all homes have crawl spaces. But if your home does have one, clear the opening to your crawl space. Any items stored in your crawl space should be removed so your inspector can perform a complete inspection.

During the termite inspection process, we will also check your attic. Try and clear out anything that may be obstructing your attic’s entrance. Moving anything large out of the way and making a walkway accessible can help your termite inspector maintain efficiency.

All things considered, termite inspections are not extremely lengthy procedures. In fact, when paired with your normal general home inspection, the overall inspection length will only take around 2.5 - 4 hours. By itself, the length of a termite inspection will vary according to your unique situation, but should usually take around 30 - 60 minutes.

AmeriSpec experts are here to help protect your sense of wellbeing and your property. When it comes to the place you call home, regular termite inspections can help you avoid considerable damage. And, when you’re looking to buy or sell a home, a termite inspection may be essential. When you hire an AmeriSpec termite inspector, you can rest assured that we’ll conduct a thorough inspection with clear, honest results.