Nationwide commercial inspections including pre-listing, pre-lease, and more.

AmeriSpec inspectors are known industry-wide for top-notch residential inspections. But that’s not all we offer. We’re also commercial building inspector veterans with a history of helping purchasers across the US. 

Whether you’re getting a property ready to sell or a prospective tenant who needs detailed building knowledge, AmeriSpec commercial inspectors are here to get the job done.

Innovative Property Inspections from Qualified Experts

Loan officers, asset managers, commercial realtors, buyers, and sellers shoulder great responsibility. All investment factors need to be understood before finalizing a financial decision. Establishing a firm, comprehensive grasp of property conditions is vital. 

Before joining the AmeriSpec team, commercial inspectors undergo cutting-edge training. Once in the field, AmeriSpec commercial building inspectors carefully conduct Property Conditions Assessments (PCA) on commercial buildings that result in detailed Property Condition Reports.

Repair costs and building integrity are essential to keep in mind when it comes to any commercial real estate transaction. Depending on your location, an AmeriSpec commercial professional can provide peace for each stage of commercial property development:

  • Construction progress assessments review the quality and progress of commercial construction work. We can help verify the material adequacy materials and on-site workmanship quality.
  • Pre-listing inspections help investors and agents gauge possible repair costs through a site characteristic and building quality inspection.
  • Pre-lease and post-lease inspections furnish landlords and tenants with an accurate understanding of a commercial building’s condition before any paperwork is officially signed.

Commercial Property Inspection Checklist 

Gain confidence and leverage information. That’s what an AmeriSpec commercial building inspection can allow you to do. Our baseline commercial inspections cover almost all the bases, including the following: 

  • Site characteristics (paving, landscaping, and utilities)
  • Structural frame and building envelope
  • Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Heating systems
  • Roofing
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Vertical transportation (elevators, lifts, escalators)
  • Safety and fire protection
  • Interior elements
  • Probable cost estimate (opinion)
  • Document review
  • Recommendations

When an AmeriSpec commercial building inspector needs extra information to serve you best, we leverage our TEAM Approach. This proprietary practice prioritizes and utilizes AmeriSpec’s consultant network, meaning we work with specialists whenever it’s necessary. 

Sometimes commercial buildings have unique problems. Not to worry. AmeriSpec can offer additional, specialty services depending on your location. From American with Disabilities (ADA) assessments to radon inspections, we make sure your needs are met.

Commercial inspections are only available at select locations