What are Drone Surveying Inspections?

Assessing damage on high or steep rooftops risks additional damage to the roof and possible injury to the inspector. Even durable materials such as slate, tile and wood roofing can be damaged by foot traffic. Surveying by drone can avoid these risks while granting visual access to damage or deterioration.

Drones also enable the inspection of yards and gardens in additional detail than cannot be achieved on the ground. With a drone, inspectors can get an even closer look from above at property features, including siding, chimneys, porches and balconies, enabling them to observe any damage that may be invisible at ground level.

Drone surveys provide detailed, high-quality images, video and a 360-degree overview of a property. To learn more about how a drone survey can augment your inspection, contact AmeriSpec Inspection Services today.

Identifying the Problem

In the hands of an experienced, licensed pilot who also is a trained home inspector, drones are an excellent resource for achieving a truly complete home inspection.