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Gas Leak Detection

What is a Gas Leak Test?

When it comes to gas leaks, most gas utility companies include some type of policy that requires gas leaks to be repaired. Because you can't really see or smell gas leaks, it's fairly easy to overlook these types of leaks. Although combustible gas has an offensive odorant added to it to help detect the smell when a leak occurs, electronic gas analyzers should be used to detect leakage indoors.

During a Gas Leak test, a professional AmeriSpec inspector will utilize instruments that not only identify small leaks at their source, but can also be used in areas where we would typically avoid placing our noses. Although most gas leaks are small, the continuous leaking indoors will be inhaled by those living within the home. To learn more, contact AmeriSpec Inspection Services today.

Please check your local AmeriSpec office for pricing details and restrictions.

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