Check, detect and test for lead paint.

In buildings constructed before 1978, lead-based paint remains surprisingly common. If you own an older home or property, it can be crucial to contact an inspection professional to ensure your safety. Depending on your location, AmeriSpec inspectors can perform lead paint tests, checking for lead presence in paint itself and any lead contaminants that might have spread as dust to surrounding property areas. Our lead-based paint inspectors receive their own tailored training in this specialty area and are extremely thorough, inspecting your property’s interior, exterior, soil, pipes and paint.

AmeriSpec’s lead paint inspectors are:

  • Trained and insured beyond state requirements.
  • Flexible and able to coordinate tests according to your schedule.
  • Communicative, open and honest about inspection findings.

Dedicated to you and your safety, AmeriSpec inspectors may assess for potential contact between building occupants and lead-based material to determine hazard levels. We’ll work with you based on your schedule to define an appropriate, actionable response to lead paint threats.

Why Lead Paint Testing is Important

Before being banned by the federal government, lead-based paint was commonly used in homes, childcare facilities, apartments, commercial buildings and even government structures. Lead-based paint was popular for how quickly it dried and its impressive durability.

We now know, however, that lead is highly toxic and can cause serious health problems including damage to the kidneys, brain, nerves and blood if absorbed by the body. In fact, exposure to high amounts of lead can have extremely serious outcomes. Read more about the dangers of lead paint, including those specifically at risk.

While lead-based paint is usually not a hazard if it is in good condition, deteriorating lead paint poses an immediate and considerable risk. If you’re a real estate professional working with a young family or preparing to put your house up for sale, a lead paint test from an AmeriSpec inspector could help protect future occupants and shield you from liability.

Lead Paint Inspections: The Professional Process

The AmeriSpec difference starts with our inspectors. If your local inspector conducts lead paint inspections, they likely obtain specialized training regarding industry best practices and procedures. Before becoming general AmeriSpec inspectors, our experts also undergo a program combining classroom instruction, in-field inspections and hands on technical training at AmeriSpec’s state-of-the-art facility. Our lead-based paint inspectors give clear answers, providing you with an honest assessment of your property.

Often equipped with the latest technologies, our lead paint inspectors might begin with the use of a portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) machine to detect any lead presence. If necessary, our skilled lead inspectors may also send paint, dust and soil samples to the lab for extensive analysis. Remember, not all lead-based paint is considered dangerous. Our expert lead inspectors can identify if there are currently any lead hazards in or around your home or property and may help you to develop an action plan to address those hazards.

AmeriSpec has a vast professional network that includes over 160 locations, so you can easily find a qualified lead-based paint inspector near you. We have the flexibility to work around your schedule. And, we also provide a range of expert inspection services including residential inspections, specialty inspections and commercial inspections.