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Mold Inspections

What is Mold?

Exposure to bacteria and fungus in indoor air is a significant health problem in residential and occupational environments. Naturally occurring molds and mildews are actually thousands of species of filamentous fungi, which have clusters of spores—the reproductive product of mature mold—located on the ends of tiny stalks. These web-like bodies, or mycelium, attach to porous surfaces and may contain chemical compounds, some of which can be poisonous and toxic to humans. Airborne spores pose a greater health concern because they can be inhaled. They may create health problems ranging from allergic reactions to respiratory tract inflammation and infection, depending on the exposure and tolerance of the individual. For EPA materials on mold and indoor air regulations, visit Sources of Information on Indoor Air Quality: Mold.

Identifying the Problem

To best identify a mold issue, it helps to know what to look for. Mold thrives in moisture, so water spots can be leading indicators of future problems. It is entirely possible to clean mold while failing to fix the underlying water issue, often leading to the return of the mold. If you suspect that harmful mold could be present in your home, mold services from AmeriSpec can help make that determination and help you move forward with a treatment plan.

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