New Construction Home Inspections

Go beyond basic local code requirements. 

Assuming new construction homes don’t require professional inspections is a common misconception. In the past, new construction inspections have been solely handled by local code enforcement agencies. But as construction practices, materials and installation techniques have evolved over time, home inspection and safety experts now strongly urge new construction buyers and builders to partner with professional inspectors. 

AmeriSpec new construction inspectors can help uncover incorrect installations and safety concerns early on during the construction process and following construction completion. This results in what matters most, a better-built home.

Code Inspections Only Cover the Basics

Code inspections are usually legally required. Yet, they only provide minimal insight into the systems, structures and overall construction processes of your new home. 

Even brand new homes can have issues and safety concerns. Contractors and construction workers likely have other jobs to finish and sometimes operate on tight timelines. Purposefully or not, this can lead to mistakes and shortcuts. You deserve an investment that goes beyond the bare minimum outlined by basic legal codes. 

Nothing beats a restful mind and confidence in your new construction property. AmeriSpec new construction inspections can give you both, offering extensive information about the parts of your home you need to know about.

New Construction Inspection Checklist

When you hire an AmeriSpec new construction professional you can expect a thorough inspection that includes the following:

  • A roof inspection
  • Entry and examination of the crawlspace
  • Attic entry exposing potential problems
  • Appliance and essential system operational tests
  • Confirmation of proper exterior and interior door functionality, including locks
  • Confirmation of proper accessible window functionality, including locks
  • Light, switches and receptacles test
  • Circuit breaker inspection
  • GFCI and AFCI receptacle test
  • Plumbing fixture test to ensure proper water flow and drainage
  • Structural component inspection to ensure best practices were applied

Our new construction home reviews follow strategic steps to ensure all systems work properly. Based on your needs and specific requirements, we can add or remove review phases to best serve your home and family.

Specialty Inspection Services Information

Radon Testing

Extended radon exposure can result in lung cancer. Protect your home and your health by testing for radon with a local AmeriSpec inspector today.


Bacteria and fungus exposure can be a serious problem in both residential and commercial environments. Find out how AmeriSpec can help.

Septic Systems

Septic system problems can come to light in a variety of ways. Identifying an issue involves knowing what to look for, as some indicators can be more obvious than others - and that's where AmeriSpec comes in.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

This service determines whether your business or home’s combustible appliances are releasing harmful levels of carbon monoxide.

Lead-Based Paint

AmeriSpec inspectors identify any presence of lead-based paint in and around your property. Our experts test paint, soil and dust to keep your property safe.


From pool pumps to saltwater corrosion, local AmeriSpec pool and spa inspectors conduct visual examinations and test all pool equipment to ensure it runs properly.

Well Water Quality Inspection

Well water quality services include testing for impurities and sampling and analysis for other quality parameters.

Irrigation System Inspection

When considering the purchase of a home with a lawn irrigation system, consider a professional irrigation system inspection from AmeriSpec.

Thermal Imaging

AmeriSpec uses its professional knowledge of building construction and IR thermography to identify thermal patterns that may indicate air or water leakage, excessively hot electrical connections or insulation abnormalities.

Drone Surveying

Assessing damage on high or steep rooftops risks additional damage to the roof and possible injury to the inspector. Surveying by drone can avoid these risks while granting visual access to damage or deterioration of a home or building and the surrounding area.

Water Bacteria Testing

Tests for water bacteria assess a business or home's water supply for contaminants and pollutants, such as chlorine, lead and coliform bacteria.

Sewer Scope

Cost-saving sewer scope knowledge for homeowners and home buyers.

Energy Assessments

An AmeriSpec inspector will professional inspector will observe, measure and evaluate the factors affecting energy usage in your home.

Gas Leak Detection

During a Gas Leak test, professional AmeriSpec inspector will utilize instruments that not only identify small leaks at their source, but can also be used in areas where we would typically avoid placing our noses.

New Construction

Go beyond basic local code requirements.

Termite & Wood-Destroying Organism Inspections

You could save thousands and prevent significant property damage with a termite inspection from AmeriSpec.

Specialty Inspections Resources

Tools and resources from AmeriSpec for specialty inspectors