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New Construction

What Does a New Construction Entail?

New construction reviews have typically been handled by the local code enforcement agency. As construction practices, materials and installation skills have changed, it has become common practice to have a professional inspector review homes under construction. Discovering incorrect installations early on during construction can help lead to a better built home.

New Home Construction Reviews typically follow strategic steps throughout the construction process including: Site preparation and Foundation/Basement construction, Rough Framing and Roofing with Rough-in of Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical, Insulation installation, Drywall/Interior wall finishing. Finally, a comprehensive, professional AmeriSpec Home Inspection is performed to ensure all systems function properly. Based on the client's needs, any phase of the review can be added or removed from the list above. To learn more, contact AmeriSpec Inspection Services today.

Please check your Local AmeriSpec Office for pricing details and restrictions.

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