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Thermal Imaging

How is Thermal Imaging Used in a Home Inspection?

Infrared thermography uses camera-like imaging to capture invisible infrared electromagnetic waves. IR imagers detect surface temperatures and render visual images of thermal patterns. Using IR thermography, inspectors identify thermal patterns that may indicate air or water leakage, excessively hot electrical connections or insulation abnormalities.

A properly trained infrared thermographer will be knowledgeable of the object being viewed and know how to properly interpret images. AmeriSpec’s extensive IR training, coupled with our professional knowledge of building construction, enables us to offer superior value.

Identifying the Problem

If you notice cold spots in certain rooms or leaks from difficult-to-determine sources, the culprit could be electrical or insulation issues caused by overloaded outlets. Contact AmeriSpec Inspection Services to learn more about whether infrared technology can help target and resolve a variety of issues in your home.

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