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Well Water Quality Testing and Sampling

What is a Well Water Quality Test?

Well water quality services include testing for impurities and sampling and analysis for other quality parameters. Results may vary. Treatment options for certain conditions may be recommended.

After the initial analysis, a flow test is performed to quantify the volume of water available to be pumped from the well. This test usually requires a consistent flow of water over a set period of time, followed by a measurement of the volume of water the well can produce.

Well location in relationship to set-back requirements from ponds, septic and property lines also may be included. To learn more, contact AmeriSpec Inspection Services today.

Identifying the Problem

Problems with well water systems, which often are related to pump or tank problems may be indicated by dirty water, audible air bubbles in pipes, strange noises or electrical malfunctions. To learn more, contact your local AmeriSpec office.

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