The differences that distinguish commercial inspections.

A lot of property inspection partners specialize in residential home inspections. Many specialize in commercial inspections. AmeriSpec does both, providing you with a range of commercial capabilities and years of experience. 

If you’re new to commercial real estate or just want to know the differences between commercial and residential building inspections, we’ve put together a handy list to help distinguish the two.

1. Commercial Property Variety

Houses come in all shapes and sizes, sure. But the vast structure variety in the commercial real estate realm affects the inspection process to a large degree. 

During both inspection types, AmeriSpec inspectors check almost all baseline structural elements. Most commercial buildings, like factory buildings or retail stores, are laid out differently, built with varied characteristics. A dedicated general home inspector may not intimately know these key differences. 

At AmeriSpec, we conduct baseline commercial inspections and a range of ancillary services for almost any building type. From auto dealerships to restaurant properties, we know what to look for and where.

2. A Liability Safeguard

When handling any real estate transaction, there’s a degree of risk and, even, liability. Our goal is to help minimize your risk. Commercial buildings can be bigger, have more or larger moving parts and systems, and often require a higher initial investment than residential properties.

That’s why AmeriSpec inspectors carry extensive Errors and Omissions insurance and General Liability Insurance, helping protect you from possible claims. Inspections outfit you with detailed building knowledge and can significantly impact you or your buyer’s comfort level. 

Our baseline commercial building inspections also meet or exceed industry standards and always stick to local codes and guidelines.

3. Commercial Inspection Standards

Standards of practice in commercial inspections and residential inspections can differ a great deal. Commercial inspections follow the rules set forth in the ASTM E 2018-15. This document outlines detailed requirements that guide AmeriSpec inspections.

A baseline commercial building inspection, or a Property Condition Assessment (PCA),  from any of our AmeriSpec locations adheres to these standards and those established by the American Society for Testing and materials. We execute a walk-through survey and review documents with commercial realtors thoroughly.

Your First Call for Any Building Inspection

When it comes time to pick up the phone or schedule an inspection, you need to know who to contact, the experts in your area. Luckily, many AmeriSpec locations provide both residential and commercial expertise, providing you best practice inspections for almost all real estate endeavors.